01/02/2016 #556: AKA "The Nipple Episode"

Something’s going on with head injuries in sports – what could it be? Art imitates the life of sports medicine professionals in the new movie “Concussion” and inspires the themes of our first show of 2016. Doctors Souryal and Bellard begin with stories of the first inspirations that led them into the sports medicine field and continue on to old school memories, newfound revelations of Dr. Bennett Omulu on longterm brain damage, and answers, answers, answers to your questions!

Appropriately, a former professional bull rider has had multiple concussions, some memory issues currently, and questions about what he should do next to evaluate and identify the cause of his problems. A father asks if is there a difference between brain trauma to younger, softer brains than to the harder brains of older athletes. Another caller asks simply why CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, can only be diagnosed post-mortem. One man asks for an opinion on PRP versus surgery for lateral left myelitis and the recovery time for each. Lucky for us Dr. Bellard is a PRP expert! More questions come in about Osteonecrosis, the downsides of an untreated UCL tear, the possibility of shoulder pops that may or may not be related to over-pitching as a 13 year old, and an arm injury that has hurt for a decade.

Go see someone for gosh sakes and Happy New Year, dear listeners!