01/17/2015 – Episode 522: New Year, New Medicine

Tune in to hear Doctor Souryal talk about how medical advances are impacting sports medicine, and what’s on the cutting edge in 2015. The Doc talks about platelet-rich plasma, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and the difference between good medicine and the business of medicine.

Five time Pro-Bowler and two  time All-Pro Andre Gurode joins the show to talk about his football career, his advice for younger players, and who he thinks is going to win the Superbowl.

A listener calls in to ask about head injuries in sports other than football, and Doctor Souryal weighs in on why rugby players tend to get fewer concussions. Another asks whether flat feet can contribute to tendonitis in the knee. Others listeners call in with questions about returning to sports after an appendectomy, atrophying calf muscles, and types of rehabilitation after surgery.

Also on this show: what do moldy bread and willow bark have in common with platelet-rich plasma?