04/02/2016 # 565 Catch It If You Can

What supplement can you take to get speedier? That’s legal, we mean! Do we believe in injury prevention programs? Dr. Souryal and Dr. Bellard get the ball rolling as they speak about issues brought up by texts. The Docs discuss the pros and cons of new procedures like hip arthroscopy as well as genetics, and the anatomical differences between boys and girls that impact ACL injuries. Football great Tony Hill, former Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver, “YAC’s” with the crew about retirement, exercise, the grass/astroturf divide, and the evolution of the NFL. Sports Medicine 101 covers ACL injuries and Dr. Souryal shares his thoughts on a somewhat new “bridge” technique for ACL reconstructions.

A caller from Dallas has an increasing disc protrusion with symptoms that are more and more painful and asks for options. A former football player has a similar neck injury and asks which exercises to embrace and to avoid for that and also for his knee problems. A high estimate for a hip replacement, without insurance, leads into a discussion of the broken healthcare system. Topics range from Sever’s Disease to scoliosis, sciatica, and end with hip problems. From Sudan to Stockholm to Arkansas, we webcast a wide net!