04/30/2016 #577: what’s your pick?

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04/30/2016 #577: what's your pick?

Spring is in the air and the big topic is the NFL draft. Then Dr. Souryal gets right to the the popping phone lines to answer question after question.  A 58 year old had surgery on his foot two months ago and asks the criteria for choosing a good rehab facility. There are many questions on rehab and pain relief and as always, getting a clear diagnosis before deciding on any treatment is Job #1. Forty five years after football injuries in college, a caller has questions about fusing joints to relieve his post traumatic arthritis. Another listener had a disc replacement in his neck but still has numbness in his fingers. He wonders if and when feeling may return. A very active man with two broken ankles is getting ankle fusions and also asks the differences between getting advice from an orthopedist or a podiatrist. A 35 year old driver may have an “-itis” of some sort. A 38 year old has had a second kneecap dislocation and lives with a lot of pain while he waits to decide on a surgery, so the doc gets a chance to describe the difference between pain management and stability issues. In the very last segment, Dr. Brad Bellard chimes in on which level of football he likes the best – NFL, collegiate, or high school? This may be contentious, or controversial!