07/18/15 #540: Outside My Comfort Zone

Dr. Mel Manning, physiatrist and authority in the field of regenerative medicine, joins Dr. Souryal for this weekly dose of sports medicine information and entertainment. Some words makes us cringe, calls are answered, Hope or Hype is discussed, and topics are ripped from the current headlines.

Callers include a longtime skateboarder with a locking ankle, a father asking about the best exercises and braces to protect a football player’s knees, and another caller wakes up to a shoulder injury and wonders how long he should wait to see a doctor. A runner pulled his calf muscle years ago and wonders why a sudden pain keeps happening. It could well be referred pain from a pinched nerve or scar tissue that keeps tearing.

The next caller starts a discussion on advancements in disc replacement, and finding a surgeon comfortable with performing the latest techniques. A former basketball player with an unstable ankle, sprains it again and wonders what his next steps should be. This leads into an unscripted Souryal Story about a scoped ankle portal that didn’t close as quickly as expected and another from Dr. Souryal’s college days. The show ends with a golf instructor who has shooting back pain, and a 62 year old who shares his story about calf pains and a related heart condition. And so it goes.