09/19/15 #545: The Gang is all here!

The whole gang is here for the start of our 15th season! Expert spinal surgeon Dr. Scott Blumenthal fields questions from an Army staff sergeant with back problems who plans to move on to another physically active career and is weighing a disc fusion versus a disc replacement operation. A discussion of what a Jones Fracture is and how to treat it follows. One caller has questions on the benefits of traction, then a concerned father calls about his athletic 16 year old son’s possible juvenile Scheuermann’s Disease.

Sports Specialist Dr. Brad Bellard comes in for the second half and talks about CTE (or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) in the news and how it affects participation in youth football. A caller questions whether there is such a thing as “injury prone”, and the show wraps up with a question about the best exercises for apophysitis of the hip and pelvis in a 16 year old athlete.

Happy Anniversary, Dr. Souryal! and many more!