10/25/2014 – Episode 512: The ankle is a very forgiving joint, except when it is not

What’s up with Calvin Johnson’s ankle? and how about RG3? The ankle is a very forgiving joint, except when it is not. A rolled ankle can heal well and quickly, but some ankle injuries take more time to repair and ligaments may stay stretched, weakened, and prone to re-injury.

Dr. Souryal shares what it is like in the operating room and the importance of the pre-operative visit. He veers from his sports medicine specialty to give some worried parents some direction. Fortunately, injured youngsters often heal quickly and the very young can have an amazing capacity to remodel their bones in a way that adults cannot.

An ACL tear is a common sports injury and the most common age to have ACL surgery is just sixteen. Dr. Souryal explains why these days cadavers play a valuable role in ACL reconstruction for older adults, but may not be an ideal source of grafting tissue for young athletes.

Callers ask questions about recovery from knee replacements, bone bruises, and using knee braces to prevent injuries on the football field.