12/19/2015 #555: Hyper-Competent and Confident

Today’s themes include: the holidays, of course, and DR. SOURYAL IS NOT RETIRED; he is busier than ever! Confident and competent Doctors Bellard and Souryal get right on the phone calls, starting with a man who cannot lift his arm above shoulder height, a 65 year old Silver Sneakers card recipient who wonders what his a positional click and pain while swimming could indicate, and a father asking about the downsides of delaying an MRI for his 16 year old daughter after her martial arts injury.

A runner has foot pain after a steroid shot and discovers the shot may not have treated the real problem, which leads to a long discussion about pro players with similar injuries. Another caller has two torn rotator cuffs and asks if they can still be repaired five years later, then there are questions about the efficacy of surgeries for hip labral tears. Amy Goddard, physical therapist at GO Sports Therapy is on late in the show to discuss the modalities she uses to give her clients high-quality care. The benefits of cryotherapy and hyperbaric therapy on healing after an injury or post-op are explained, there is a text from far off cocoa drinkers, and the usual scuttlebutt is exchanged. Fa la la la la to you!