9/13/2014 – Episode 507

This week, Doctor Souryal asks listeners to vote on whether he should do a Business of Medicine segment, or return to Sports Medicine 101. He remembers a recent show where he asked listeners to call or text in with their top sports movies, and asks listeners to chime in with their favorite chick flicks.

Doctor Brad Bellard is a guest this week, and the Docs talk about changes in the NFL especially when it comes to safety, concussions, and the effect of technology. They talk about Sam Bradford’s second ACL injury, the increasing number of ACL re-injuries, and the future of the NFL.

Listeners vote for Sports Medicine 101, so the Doc talks about cortisone shots, their history of use, and weighing side effects against benefits.

Listeners call in with questions on research on brain healing after a concussion, and narcotics vs anti-inflammatories for pain management.