9/20/2014 – Episode 508

Doctor Souryal opens the show with a advice on being skeptical about news reports on athletes’ injuries. He also talks about RG3’s ankle, how it’s being reported in the media, the difference between a high ankle sprain and a severe ankle sprain, and why individual sports are particularly prone to misinformation.

Doctor Scott Blumenthal joins the show, and the Doctors answer questions on how to prevent knee injuries, chondromalacia patella, and the role of specialists in getting a correct diagnosis. They also talk about how to be an informed medical consumer when evaluating unproven products.

Sports medicine and ER Doctor Brad Ballard joins the show for this week’s business of medicine segment. The Doctors talk about happens when an ER doctor calls in a consultant who is not in the patient’s medical plan. They discuss why this happens, and whether something can be done about it.

Listeners call in with questions about a fracture that affects a child’s growth plate, whether neurostimulators are good for back pain, using platelet rich plasma for IT band problems, and more.