10/10/15 #548: Tailgating Season

Spine authority Dr. Scott Blumenthal joins Dr. Souryal to talk of homecomings, tailgating, turf, knees, necks, and backs, too.

Discussions range from the difference between a crick and a pinched nerve to why the pain in a herniated disc may come and go, the difference between mechanical and medical problems, and what an X-ray can and cannot show.

Callers include a a little league coach with a sudden shoulder pain, a hiker who broke her ankle in Hawaii, a runner/biker with a numb foot, a golfer with shoulder trouble, and so many more. An active five year old had a rare PCL injury on a trampoline and her parents wonder if there are new surgical options that may stabilize her knee without requiring her to wear a brace for years. The show ends on a high note with a call about arthritis and a miracle pill.