01/10/2015 – Episode 521: It’s not always sunny in Dallas

Spine surgeon Dr. Scott Blumenthal joins Dr. Souryal for another fine mix of medicine, sports, and current events. Raiders’ legend and 2015 Hall of Fame finalist Tim Brown shares his insights on this big weekend for football in Dallas, how Aaron Rodgers’ injury may affect play-off strategy, and playing football in super-cold weather.

In case you missed it, there are some great Craig Sager flashbacks from last week’s interview. In Sports Medicine Secrets one thing is worth repeating: don’t believe everything you read – especially about injuries. How bad can Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers injury be? In Sports Medicine 101 the doctors discuss calf injuries in general and Aaron Rodgers’ calf injury in particular. Good Stuff!

Listeners queries start some interesting discussions on pillows, home inversion tables, and getting second, or third opinions when a diagnosis is confusing or incomplete. One caller is urged to explore options beyond pain pills and cortisone shots after a slip resulted in a neck injury and later pain in his arms and hands. One listener wants to know what exercises are best for regaining strength ten months after ACL surgery, another asks what exercises he should do and when to start them after an abdominal hernia reattachment, and an avid golfer with tennis elbow may need patience, not surgery.