04/12/15 – #531: Playing through the Pain is Not Recommended

Let’s get right to those calls and text questions. First off, a bodybuilder wants Dr. Souryal’s thoughts on stem cell injections for meniscus trouble, then a caller from Ft. Worth wants to know possible outcomes for degenerative arthritis of the thoracic spine. A father asks if there are exercises to do that will prevent repeats of ACL injuries, which leads into a discussion of risk factors and risk assessment for ACL injuries. Another Dad asks what to do for a seventeen year old pitcher with a possible pars defect. If it is a Pars defect, rehab and time is now the suggested treatment until symptoms subside.

There is a grey area in the world of sports medicine when the stakes are higher and the risk/reward equation shifts. In Sports Medicine 101 Dr. Souryal and facial expert Dr. Bill Adams discuss the changing and complex role of team physicians once the playoffs start. Fortunately, the doctors haven’t experienced undue pressure to put injured players back in the game too soon at the pro level, yet they have seen that pressure at other levels from private coaches and parents of athletes.

Other topics include frozen shoulders, Achilles ruptures, a caller who still has arm pain six months after doing some yard work, and whether “a mess” is a proper medical term. The conversation ranges from the Masters, to the Rangers,and from Abba to Sinatra to Bryan Adams. Tune in and tell your friends!