12/13/2014 – Episode 517: Grown Men Do Cryo

It is not uncommon for golfers to have bad backs due to the torque and force required in the game. Dr. Souryal and spine specialist Dr. Blumenthal start off talking about the case of a young golfer with a herniated disc. Dr. Souryal covers micro fracture surgery in Sports Medicine 101, while In the News, the NFL Patriots’ team doctor is put into an awkward position between team interests versus those of an individual player, with $3.5 million hanging in the balance.

Eric Rauscher managing director of CryoUSA, the incubator and leader for Whole Body Cryotherapy research in the USA, speaks about the benefits not just for athletes, but for all types of active men and women. Check out www.CryoUSA.com or look for CryoUSA on Facebook.

The first caller asks about a stress fracture in his foot that hasn’t healed in over six months. Does a herniated disc ever really heal without surgery? Dr. Blumenthal answers that not every herniated disc will require surgery; time and other treatments can help manage the symptoms. To brace or not to brace? A father calls in to get Dr. Blumenthal’s take on the treatment for his gymnast daughter’s L4/L5 stress fracture. Some differences around joint degradation, osteo arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis are explained. The doctors hold forth on the current use of bone stimulators, ankle sprains, cartilage regeneration from stem cells, wrist pain, and going nuts about nuts on a plane.

Next week, Mavericks’ owner and Shark in his own right, Mark Cuban will be a guest. Tell your friends!