03/07/15 – Episode 526: It’s still not legal in Texas

Today Dr. Souryal starts with an observation (not a rant!) to his loyal listeners. Most doctors care deeply about building strong relationships with their patients, but in this era of new medicine that relationship is devalued and the results suffer. Some reoccurring themes are that doctors are not interchangeable, not all MRI’s are the same, and not every surgeon can do the same surgery as well as the next, so informed consumers better shop around.

Renowned plastic surgeon and consultant to the Mavericks, Dr. Bill Adams comes on to discuss facial fractures for both cosmetic and functional issues, some eye-opening surgical techniques that may make you faint, protective plates and masks, and nasal fractures. Dr. Craig Garrison returns to talk about the importance of recovery after workouts to prevent fatigue and injuries. He recommends some methods such as hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, describes “active rest”, and discusses time guidelines between intense bouts of activity.

Starting off with a unique call, Dr. Souryal is asked for his thoughts on prescribing marijuana to relieve pain in professional sports. A high school coach asks how to determine the severity of his players’ injuries on the field. A 63 year old racquetball player says his pulled muscles are taking away his competitive edge. A caller with a possible hernia or abdominal strain should get to his doctor for a hands-on diagnosis, a father of 15 year old football player asks if there are there alternatives to surgery for a torn labrum, and a caller with longterm knee pain needs a diagnosis and an updated MRI. Questions via text include: can a nose broken twenty years ago still be fixed and are there any good websites for checking how your doctor is rated?

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