12/05/15 #553: Liberating, Not Retiring

Big news for Dr. Souryal- he just stepped down as team physician for the Dallas Mavericks after a 22 year ride! However, he continues his day job as an orthopedic surgeon and weekend gig as radio host extraordinaire, so keep tuning in! Dr. Brad Bellard joins Dr. Souryal to discuss the “ins and outs” of being sports medicine doctors- from treating routine ailments to solving medical puzzles and one-offs, and so much more.

Questions roll in by phone and text. A 49 year old body builder has a bad rotator cuff tear and wonders how long it will take to recover. A listener asks what are the “favorite” injuries to diagnose and treat. A mother questions her toddler’s tibia injury and limp. A power lifter has questions about sports hernias, groin pain, and cryotherapy. A 65 year old still has pain years after knee surgery and questions his current step exercises and next step medically. A 61 year old would like to know all the treatment options for a shredded peroneal tendon. A 57 year old asks about alternatives to surgery for his multiple shoulder problems. The show ends with both doctors weighing in on a family dispute about rheumatoid arthritis and chiropractor treatments.

Congratulations on an amazing career, Dr. Souryal. More to come!