10/18/2014 – Episode 511: You Can Cry If You Want To

Introducing a new feature: The House Call- where listeners can text in questions or comments and Dr. Souryal may call you back during the show. Guests today are Dr. Scott Blumenthal, world-renowned spine surgeon and Christine Golic, advisor to USA Football and and advocate for safety in youth sports.

Dr. Souryal and Dr. Blumenthal share their thoughts on the Ebola crisis that has touched Dallas, why there is no shame in crying at a football game, and explain what a “leader” is in regional parlance. They answer callers’ questions about treating a torn meniscus, patellar tendon ruptures, exercise with lower back fusions, shoulder subluxation, and more.

Christine Golic comes on to discuss her role as a spokesperson for Heads Up, a program that spreads the word on safe and healthy practices in youth and high school sports. Heads Up is a great resource for coaches and parents for proper equipment fitting, concussion recognition and awareness, as well as heat and hydration issues.