05/28/2016 #580: Piriformis is a Pain in the Butt

Renowned surgeon and regular guest Dr. Scott Blumenthal joins the talented Dr. Souryal for discussions on the medical world, perspicacious answers to your sports medicine questions, and perhaps a rant or two. The conversation begins with insights into several sports injuries affecting pro athletes in the news, and veers off to cover the history behind some common surgeries, and then some not so run-of-the-mill cases.

Finally, in the second hour we get to our first call-in question about the physical and mental benefits of yoga, then a horse rider calls about his knee pain. A caller has a “blown-out” back and neck problems and needs a clear diagnosis and another opinion. A car accident survivor has back issues years later and wants to set his best plan to manage his pain and abilities longterm. A 60 year old with sciatica pain wonders if it is caused by Piriformis Syndrome, a swollen knee could be bursitis, and a 35 year old soldier had a spinal fusion and asks about the impact on his future career in law enforcement. A few shoulder questions and a little Business of Medicine segment on the trend toward the end of private practice finishes the show.