08/20/2016 #587: The Obecalp Effect

Dr. Brad Bellard and Dr. Scott Blumenthal join the King of Texting, AKA Dr. Souryal, for another episode packed with sports medicine infotainment. The conversation starts with the cupping fad at the Rio Olympics, Cool Runnings, and wondering if the thrill is gone.

Our first caller had a farm accident and thoracic back surgery but now has rotator cuff issues and needs a better diagnosis before more treatment. A caller with a torn labrum ponders whether he healed his own shoulder while putting off surgery. A 39 year old had knee surgery in his twenties but has some numbness and tingling after sitting and wonders if it is related to his former knee problems. A 24 year old who works out intensely and regularly sometimes has some upper back pain that takes his breath away.

In the second hour there is more conversation on the Rio Olympics and a debate on the line between performance enhancing practices and unfair/illegal drugs or procedures for athletes. Then a caller with tingling fingers and pain in his shoulder years after an auto accident may have posterior subluxation and wonders what he can do about it. Dr. Souryal goes on to explain sciatica, piriformis issues, and back pain. The show winds down as the modern Hippocratic Oath, Olympic heroes, and new ping pong rules, among others, are discussed. Psst…any Sharks out there?