11/7/15 #551: Speaking of Shysters

Though not always his favorite subject, Dr. Souryal has a lot to say on the Business of Medicine throughout this show – from the Insurance Game and how it affects patient care, to trust between doctors and patients and whether competitive practice can bring down costs. Visits to the doctor may well be the cheapest part of healthcare, while required equipment and hospital costs are wicked pricy. There’s no question modern medicine is expensive, but how, as a society, are we going to pay for it?

Questions are volleyed back and forth. What makes pioneer Dr. Andrews stand out in the sports medicine field? How safe is it to get a cortisone shot while on Coumadin? Do recent knee replacements last longer than they used to? Ortho or neuro? Car or home? LSU or Alabama? What’s your level of pain and function? Dr. Souryal and Dr. Bellard weigh in on the best low-impact cardio exercises for a caller with knee problems, the need for multiple opinions on multiple issues for a neck fusion patient, and give a spiel on adhesive capsulitis

Episode 551 wraps up with three calls about shoulders. The last caller, interestingly, has a very complicated story about several unexpected procedures and the issue of trust. Doctors and patients- please do your homework!