08/27/2016 #588: Banter is Better

Preeminent spine surgeon Dr. Scott Blumenthal and Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Karim Meijer join Dr. Souryal today. The doctors get the ball rolling talking about scar tissue and Tony Romo, the complications of steroid use, the EpiPen situation, and then get to the calls.

First off-  an internist adds his two cents about price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry. The next caller is on his feet all day with plantar fasciitis and wonders if he should stop his cortisone shots. A young baseball player has knee pain without a diagnosis, a 54 year old with an arthritic ankle may need an ankle replacement and the right surgeon to do it, and a caller with back pain has had four injections after back bulges as well as a five level laminectomy. After twenty more injections he still has pain and needs more awareness before more procedures. Dr. Souryal explains the diagnosis, patient, procedure dynamic and risk/reward equations. A former athlete in her 40’s needs knee evaluation, a runner is about to have a Subchondroplasty procedure in his knee and asks about recovery time for this new procedure, a soldier discusses the psychological element of his treatment for chronic back pain, and a very tall 48 year old is falling apart and wonders if there may be a genetic link to his issues.