10/03/15 #547: Grass is Greener, and Softer

There is not so much chatter today just call after call. Topics start with rotator cuffs, getting a good diagnosis and second opinions, doing your homework on surgeries and doctors, and musings on whether and why injury rates have gone up over time in both the pro world and lower levels. Bigger bodies in motion, overtraining, insufficient recovery time, and education all play a part.

Dr. Craig Garrison, director of sports medicine at Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine joins Dr. Souryal for a short time. The doctors agree that real grass is way better than artificial!

Is a replacement surgery in order for an active 53 year old? What it the link between protein powder and cramps? Can a dedicated runner, who has had four scopes on his knee, keep running? Dr. Souryal has answers and some good advice for those who like to push through the pain: get good shoes to absorb the shock, listen to your body, and stop when you are limping,

Later a college football player has shoulder instability and Dr. Souryal runs down the options for his concerned Dad, and a resident calls in to clarify what Laterjet Surgery is exactly. The show ends on a familiar refrain: When in doubt- get it checked out!