12/27/2014 – Episode 519: We wish you a Happy Colonoscopy!

Spinal surgeon Dr. Scott Blumenthal joins Dr. Souryal for another entertaining and informative show that kicks off with a long discussion, and little consensus, about appropriate holiday greetings.

Fear of the unknown and the preparation for a colonoscopy can be off-putting for most patients, but it is a life-saving preventative measure. Gastroenterologist Dr. Steve Wilkofsky, appears briefly to discuss the basics of colon cancer screening.

On The Business of Medicine segment, Dr. Brad Bellard, sports doctor and emergency specialist, joins the doctors to discuss the purpose and price structures of doc-in-the-box/urgent care facilities versus the free-standing emergency room.

Listeners have questions about the effects of exercises such as squats, lunges, and extensions on the patellofemoral joint, a navicular fracture in the foot that may not have healed right, how either fat or muscle weight can affect joint health, and a patellar tendon injury sustained during beach volleyball. Other topics include one possibly good use for growth hormones, treatment for a triggering digit, and duck whistles.