02/20/2016 #561: Notable or Notorious

Dr. Souryal has a lot of ground to cover, many questions to answer, and so gets right to the calls today. The first caller is advised to consider non-impact methods to lose weight before starting a jogging regimen, and also needs to look into his bursting blood vessels. An active 34 year old weightlifter has a pain in his left shoulder and the next caller also has some shoulder pain that needs attention.

Blood clots are more likely to form after an event or sitting still, rather than in an active athlete, but it certainly happens. Dr. Brad Bellard calls in to join the conversation on Chris Bosh and the serious risks of blood clots. Yep, the initial symptom could be…death.

In other observations: the dog show may be rigged, runners are difficult, second opinions are valuable and the upsides and downsides of cortisone shots are explained. Take note – the Doc is in Wikipedia now!