2/28/2015- Episode 525: The Doctor is In

In town, that is! After several weeks of non-live shows, there is much to talk about so this program is chock full. Is the medical field difficult? The language sure is! Inside Sports Medicine got started because Dr. Souryal wanted to demystify medical lingo for both sports-minded and non-medical folks. Fifteen years later he’s still keeping us informed, educated, and highly entertained.

First, chief meteorologist for WFAA Pete Delkus explains the difference between sleet and freezing rain. Dr. Souryal and frequent guest spine surgeon Dr. Scott Blumenthal discuss mental toughness for both injured athletes and doctors, great and not-so-great concerts, why Dr. S. is a gracious loser on the golf course but not in the Operating Room, and Notre Dame.

In the Business of Medicine segment, as reimbursement has declined and overhead has not, some aggressive surgeons present surgery before other options that could be as effective. In Sports Medicine 101, Chicago Bulls’ guard Derrick Rose’s torn meniscus leads to a discussion of meniscus injuries.

And finally, we get to some of those calls. The first caller asks about elbow injuries, specifically in wheelchair sports, later a caller questions the change in sports culture where players don’t play as many games as past players did and yet injuries have increased, then a 61 year old marathon runner is trying to get to run his 50th marathon before deciding if he needs to get surgery for the lump on his knee.