07/25/15 #541: No Sweat? That’s not cool.

Sports medicine specialist Dr. Brad Bellard joins the crew today to discuss the different stages of heat illness, hydration, and awareness just in time for football season. Most of us are dehydrated, but there are times you actually can drink too much water and sweat out your salts. On a super hot day, drinking sports drinks can solve that issue, unless you go overboard.

Topics start with carseat alarms and sleeves athletes are wearing these days- fashion, fad, or do they have a practical purpose? In other segments, Dr. Souryal peels back the curtain in the surgery room about the logistics of timing multiple operations for one patient.

There are calls about knees, backs, calves and more. A runner tweaks his knee and wonders if his diagnosis is right, while another man buckled his knee after slipping on water and has clicking and issues straightening his leg, even after multiple surgeries. Something isn’t adding up- it’s complicated, and curious. A softball player loses some weight and pops his calf, and then the other a few weeks later. Could the calf strains be related to the weight loss? In the “lead a horse to water” department, a former barrel racer has a herniated disc and is reluctant to get any treatment. Dr Souryal describes all the options to her concerned husband.