06/15/15 #538: Let Us Entertain (and Inform) You

Dr. Scott Blumenthal, world-renowned spine surgeon, joins Dr. T.O. Souryal and his merry crew for this week’s sports medicine call-in show. The doctors discuss the psychology of sports, the many “two types” of people, why it takes so long to get discharged from a hospital, the pros and cons of long sleepless shifts for doctors in training, and more.

Vertigo may not be a primary complaint in sports medicine, but sure can complicate your game, as pro golfer Jason Day can attest. Dr. Neil Williams, Ear Nose and Throat specialist, shares his insights on the common sensation and symptom of vertigo.

The calls keep coming. In the first hour, a marathon runner and cyclist has sharp pains in his ankle/calf that could be a stress fracture or achilles injury, and a father asks for a clear explanation of chronic tendonitis or tendonosis.  The doctors question whether a “twisted hip” is the right or even a real diagnosis for one woman, and discuss whether regular use of an inversion table could be healthy for spines.

In the second hour, the conversation starts on the Hope or Hype of PRP and Stem Cell treatments, then an active lawyer has some longterm collarbone issues he attributes to asymmetry, and the son of an 89 year old with cervical stenosis has questions about surgery that aims relieve his Dad’s weakness and inability to walk. The next caller asks if treating his dislocated shoulder could have affected, or even cured, his digestive problems, and a 58 year old is weighing all his options on treating his knee troubles before the last resort: a knee replacement.