07/11/15 #539: Don’t do those Diddly Squats!

Renowned spine surgeon Dr. Scott Blumenthal joins Dr. Souryal once again for intense discussions on bullfights, how post-game treatment has changed over time, who belongs on the figurative “Mount Rushmore” of sports history, and more. First off, a caller with repeated ankle sprains wonders why his ankle doesn’t hurt as much as it did the first time he rolled it and also what the lasting effects may be, then a basketball player with severe chondromalacia in both knees asks what kind of PT he can do at home.

The second hour starts with a  Souryal Story of a surgery gone wrong which leads to the take-home lesson for us educated consumers: ask a lot of questions and always do your homework before getting any surgery or choosing a surgeon.

Dr. Souryal explains why squats and lunges are great for quads and not so great for a 73 year old recovering from meniscus surgery, why in general stairs are not good exercise for knees, and discusses the ideal range of motion for shoulder dips with a former gymnast. Finally, Dr. Blumenthal gets an upper back question, then a caller has a pain that comes and goes in his lower thoracic area, and more texts roll in as the sports medicine answers roll out.