12/12/15 #554: Common Sense ain’t so Common

Sports medicine specialist Dr. Mel Manning joins Dr. Souryal to ponder why doctors are not all the same, sound medical advice, patients as consumers, and a defense of ABBA. A Souryal Story explains why sometimes there isn’t a good choice in medicine, and why doctors’ judgement matters so much. Retired NBA player Shawn “the Matrix” Marion calls in to shoot the breeze about basketball, fatherhood, and life. Dr. Craig Garrison, director of sports medicine at Texas Health Ben Hogan Center in Fort Worth, gives his perspective on new regenerative techniques for hip and knee recovery.

A mother asks how to best manage her son’s first degree spondylolisthesis: core strength is key and hamstring stretching, as well as regular exams, are recommended. Dr. Manning suggests a systematic approach to treat a herniated disc in the neck, the doctors advise the next steps in differential diagnosis for a caller with shoulder pain that travels to his hand. A 35 year old with an AVN (avascular necrosis) diagnosis wants to know if hip replacement is his only option, another caller asks about exercise after a hip replacement, and a 16 year old has hip issues with “lightning bolt sensations”. A caller with a pinched nerve in his lower back wants to know the timeframe for his injury to heal.

“Le sens commun est fort rare”, so says Voltaire!