08/29/15 #543: So Over My Head

World class spinal surgeon Dr. Scott Blumenthal joins Dr. Souryal for two hours of your only sports medicine talk show on the radio and the Interwebs! We have cut out the commercials for this podcast, so you get all the good stuff, without commercial interruption.

The Business of Medicine segment touches on a loophole that promotes the propagation of stand-alone Emergency Rooms, and segue ways into a Souryal Story which illustrates the problem, and more on transparency, or lack thereof, and the profit and pitfalls of the insurance game.

It’s a good thing Dr. B. is on because there are so many questions right in his bailiwick. How do you know when to choose an orthopedic surgeon vs. a neurosurgeon for back trouble? What are the effects of prednisone use and future surgeries? How do you know when it is time for a hip replacement? What is the relationship of spasms to hydration?

Listen and learn, my friends. And then…tell your friends!