12/06/2014 – Episode 516: Asked and Answered: All Things Meniscus

Dr. Souryal has so many answers to so many questions! There are no guests today- this entire show is devoted to answering listeners’ questions via text, email, or the phone lines. Most queries center on the pesky and too-popular meniscus tear- what it is, what it does, where it is, and treatment from bracing to “scoping out”.

When Dr. Souryel says, ”I absolutely hate to lose”, he means despite performing thousands of successful procedures, he agonizes over the few inevitable recurrences or recoveries that don’t go quite according to plan. A certain low percentage of patients will have less than optimal results, and recovery from lateral meniscus tear surgery in particular can be tricky to predict.

Houston Texans rookie linebacker Jadeveon Clowney is In The News and out for the year already due to a torn lateral meniscus. Dr. Souryal explains in-depth in the Sports Medicine 101 segment why recovery is more unpredictable for this kind of tear than for a medial meniscus injury.

For one caller, removing a meniscus altogether can’t be a good thing, but may well be a necessary procedure when pain and instability are weighed in. A coach is in a tough spot when a student is released to play but still can risk further injuries. A women’s varsity basketball coach asks how he can support his injured player’s recovery and re-entry to the game after her ACL surgury- both physically and psychologically. The Doc advises to give it time and reduce explosive actions for at least six months while working on coordination exercises.

Dr. Souryal offers practical guidance on foam rollers, different uses of anti-inflammatories, how a cortisone shot can be a diagnostic tool, the difference between a tendon and a ligament, questions to ask an Orthopedist about a rotator cuff injury, and so much more.